New Materials, New Work Space, Newtown Festival!!

We have our fingers crossed for fine weather next weekend. On Sunday 3rd March as we are at the Newtown Festival.  Check out the line-up, it is always a great day out;

Newtown is ethnically and culturally diverse and Sunday’s event will showcase many fantastic and earnest performances from a wide selection of the talent pool.  I have been to the last four festivals and it is always entertaining.  Upwards of 60,000 people have come to past events, so let’s hope the weather is better than last years where we ended up sodden in the rain.

We have been experimenting with a new material, Rimu which is a native New Zealand wood.  The Rimu is recycled from an old kitchen we removed about eight years ago.  I saved the wood and it is great to finally put it to use and be able to say to my partner that it pays to be a hoarder.

We have been sourcing images from a selection of vintage books and experimenting with hand painted geometric shapes.  The old images translate well into the jewellery as the colour palette is very evocative of the fifties and sixties.  The colour pieces are great flash of colour but I also like the striking black and white images we got out of a 1954 annual which had some fantastic swimming demonstrations. We are going to add rings and necklances to our collection.

Just including some pictures of our new work space.  Cat confessed the other day that it is really hard to price pieces when it’s so enjoyable making it up. I have to agree. When we get these finished next week we will load them on our site.